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$ 0.00281 USD
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$ 0
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VTX 1,143.383 ($ 3.213)
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$ 0.00281 / $ 0.00281
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$ 0
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VTX 955.210 ( $ 2.684) / Yobit
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Vertex is a Proof of Stake/Proof of Work cryptocurrency. T goal of the Vertex developers is for everyone involved in the Cryptocurrency revolution to have access to the exciting developments that have been taking place. An ASIC-friendly, mixed PoW/PoS coin with eventual anonymous transaction capabilities.

The Vertex developers believe that progress should never be held back. ASICs use much less energy than GPUs and are orders of magnitude more efficient. The energy used mining Scrypt coins for years to prolong the days of GPU mining was a truly enormous waste of resources on a global scale. Why hold back progress? Vertex encourages it.